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The Witcher Battle Arena is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game in which players take control of iconic and powerful characters from the Witcher universe.

Fight alone or together with your friends, clash with opponents from all over the world and earn experience and valuable resources. Develop strategies and tactics to best suit your playing style and deploy them on the battlefield to show everyone who’s boss!

Main Game Features:

Everything in the game is unlockable for free, just by playing the game. Our system is honest, well balanced and doesn’t keep you playing for ages to unlock something. If you want to get something unlocked faster, you can purchase it for a reasonable price. It’s that simple.

Accessibility and gameplay above all

The interface and gameplay were designed specifically with mobile devices in mind. Short and intense matches cater to your mobile gaming tastes and promise an exciting adventure on the go.

Unique heroes

Each hero in the game features an array of unique skills and offers his or her own meta-game style. Try them all, pick your favorite and prepare tactics that will obliterate your opponents in online combat.

Solo and teamplay ready

Play with your friends in an exciting 3 vs. 3 mode, group together against mischievous bots, or play alone if your internet decides to take the day off.

A friendly, supportive community

The Witcher Battle Arena is as much your game as it is ours. As developers, we’re in constant, direct contact with you via our developer blog and social media channels. Speak your mind, we care.

About The Game

War between the kingdoms of the north and the Nilfgaardian Empire tears the land apart. This is a conflict of unparallelled brutality and devastation--a total war. Old alliances have been destroyed and friendships have perished, leaving only trails of bodies and the sound of daggers being sharpened in the shadows. The lost souls displaced by this chaos must forge new destinies. Some lend themselves to the war effort, others decide to seek glory elsewhere. The latter often come to the Nilfgaardian Arena, a dark and bloody place where gladiators fight to the death for gold and the ultimate prize--the emperor’s respect.

Become characters known from the Witcher series such as the kingslayer Letho, the dwarven brawler Zoltan Chivay, the mysterious Operator or the powerful sorceress Philippa Eilhart, and fight for glory, for justice, for honor... or just because that is what you love doing the most.

Maps & Game Modes

The Arena Map

Deep within the Nilfgaardian Empire lies the infamous Arena. A place of death and sorrow, a place that beckons warriors from all over the Continent. They come here to test their skills, earn gold and glory and, at times, pursue other aims: the emperor of Nilfgaard will grant the winner of the arena any wish in his power.

The Conquest Mode

Players divided into two teams of three fight for control over conquest points. Securing more of them than the enemy starts draining the opposing team’s point pool. The team that drains all their opponent’s points wins the game. Be mindful of the pickup zones located at the top of the map--the bombs and potions available there may save your life.


Geralt of Rivia

A witcher, a wandering solution in search of his next problem; a man who’s seen as many caves and trolls as he has kings, queens and courts. In the Arena, Geralt excels as a dueler, but also brings some utility (crowd control support skills) to the table. His first ability (The Way of the Sword) is a three-stage sword attack: Geralt performs a pirouette, then follows it up with two quick slashes. As a witcher, he is also able to wield a simple form of magic called Signs: The Way of Signs enables him to use the Yrden Sign to set a magic trap which slows all opponents in its range. Then there is The Way of Alchemy: after chugging a potion powerful enough to kill one elephant, Geralt gains the strength of three, and his two skills gain new effects: The Way of the Sword now slows enemies, and The Way of Signs now casts the Heliotrope Sign, which not only slows, but also damages opponents.

Eithne of Brokilon

The queen of the dryads is an excellent archer who can more than hold her own in combat. Her skills work in harmony to make her an unstoppable force of nature; she can slow approaching enemies with her Path of Thorns ability, carefully aim a Piercing Arrow to penetrate their armor, then finish them off with a quick toss of her Thorned Dagger. Any left alive who try to retreat will find it difficult to get beyond her reach; Eithne’s passive ability, Dryad’s Gaze, increases her range with each subsequent shot.

Philippa Eilhart

Though blinded by order of Radovid, the king of Redania, this powerful sorceress is no less lethal on the battlefield as a result. She makes up for any lack of eagle-eyed precision with her total mastery of area-of-effect attacks. Her Heart of the Storm spell summons a thunderstorm that strikes all enemies within its range, tossing them into the air. Chain Lightning sends out a cone of electricity that slowly fries any enemies in its path. Then there is her special skill called Dome of Storms, a powerful polymorph spell that transforms Philippa into an owl and surrounds her with a crackling field of lightning bolts ready to smite any wandering too near. Her passive ability means even her normal attacks can hit more than one target--whenever she casts a spell, her next auto attack creates a small explosion that wounds nearby enemies.

The Golem

Not much is known about this extraordinary creature. Is it a sentient being fighting for a greater cause, or the pawn of someone controlling it from the shadows? One thing is certain: by combining primitive magic and brute force, the Golem can annihilate almost any opposing force and is an unmatched ally on the battlefield. The golem can Summon Gargoyles, placing stone monsters in the arena that harass enemies and explode when they come near. It can also toss opponents into the air by causing a Stone Spire to thrust out of the ground underneath their feet. Upon dying, the Golem can cast Contravention, a powerful spell causing it to explode into a myriad of deadly fragments that later rejoin to give the creature another life. The Golem’s passive ability allows it to increase its magic resistance and armor every 10 seconds, losing half of the boost each time it dies.


This infamous leader of the nonhuman terrorists known as the Scoia’tael is unmatched when comes to both melee and ranged combat. In the Arena he tends to use his bow and arrows, but when in need he can also use Vendetta--a special skill that makes him teleport to a chosen location, stunning and dealing damage to the closest enemy. In normal combat Iorveth is frequently Driven by Hatred--using this skill he can shoot a volley of three arrows, each more powerful than the last. Scoia’tael Mark is a potent area of effect skill which marks all the enemies in the chosen area, then unleashes a hail of arrows on them from above a few seconds later. Iorveth doesn’t draw on mana like other heroes--instead he uses Focus, and thanks to his passive skill, his attack damage grows when his Focus level is high.


The young and very gifted sorceress, friend and lover of Geralt of Rivia, is one of the most important characters in the world of The Witcher. Known for her offensive spells, on the battlefield, she can envelope enemies in a mist of frost using “Reflection in the Ice”. The spell deals damage and leaves behind frozen statues of her enemies which she can later explode using “Alzur's Thunder” -- a powerful bolt of lightning. Using “Mirror’s Edge”, Triss draws currents of arctic air towards her to form an imploding vortex of frost. Enemies caught within it are damaged and pulled towards her, leaving icy statues where they once stood. Upon dying, Triss turns into a frozen statue, releasing a wave of ice-cold air freezing the ground. Opponents who walk on the frozen ground are slowed down and take damage over time.

Letho of Gulet

Also known as the Assassin of Kings, Letho is a witcher from the School of the Viper. He specializes in taking out mages quickly and efficiently. His signature skill, Silent Strike, allows him to vanish for a few seconds and then reappear as he delivers his opponent a crushing blow. As a witcher, Letho can make use of Signs to control the battlefield: Quen renders him temporarily invulnerable to enemy attacks, while Aard can push back any attackers who come too close for his comfort. His passive skill, called Killer Instinct, increases his movement speed as his health dwindles.


A creature whose stunning beauty is not in the least marred by her hairy legs and hoofed feet, the succubus seduces handsome young men in order to feed on their vital energy. The unpleasant scent of sulfur is not the only risk to these draining and potentially deadly encounters: the succubus wields strength commensurate to her looks and, if resisted or crossed, can become as dangerous as a vampire. The succubus’ life force manipulation abilities make her a perfect initiator, capable of both dealing considerable damage and healing her teammates. She can tip the scales of any encounter when shielded by more powerful characters, and her powerful scythe can leave more than a mere scratch if one underestimates her ability to defend herself in close combat. Using her passive ability, she can create a link between herself and her teammates, letting them share both the damage and the healing they receive. Her other skill, the Kiss of the Seductress, deals damage and slows down enemies, setting them up for others to go in for the kill. She can also unleash Unrequited Love, a skill with the cost of slowing her down, but the benefit of draining the life force of nearby enemies. With her final skill, Between Pleasure and Pain, the succubus can inflict massive damage on all enemy combatants around her -- but at a heavy price...

The Operator

Not much is known about this dangerous mage, except for the fact that he can bend the borders between different dimensions with ease. He can cause a Time Breach that drops magical charges on everyone in an area, inflicting damage and slowing them down. With Collapsing Planes he can then detonate these charges, dealing further damage and slowing his enemies down even more. The Operator’s special skill, When Worlds Collide, creates a vortex of energy which sucks in those who wander close enough to the event horizon, healing allies at the same time. The Operator can also use Conversion, a passive skill that turns the magic energy generated by cast spells into a shield protecting him from damage.

Saskia of Aedirn

A dragon named Saesenthessis in her true form, Saskia prefers to fight in as a human when in the arena, unleashing her primal might only in special circumstances. Saskia is adept at holding enemy onslaughts by stunning them with Shield Strike and then entering a defensive stance that makes countering their attacks simple. Her By Fire and Sword ability spews out a wave of fire, dealing massive damage and blinding all in its wake. Turning the heat up even more is her passive skill, which makes all such blinded foes suffer additional burning damage over time. The she-dragon’s special skill is, of course, her Dragon’s Soul; using it, she can call down a burning star from the heavens, dealing massive damage to those in its area of effect.

Zoltan Chivay

Dwarven adventure seeker and dear friend of Geralt of Rivia Zoltan Chivay decided to join the arena for glory... and to impress a certain dwarven female. Though small in stature, he wields a massive two-handed sword and is a master of both one-on-one combat and crowd control. He charges distant opponents using Bull Rush, stunning them with the force of his onslaught and leaving them 25% more vulnerable to his next attack. Which usually is a spinning strike that turns him into whirlwind of dwarf and steel slashing his foe to bits; he affectionately calls this the Whirling Dwarvish. The dwarf’s special skill, simply called Worth It, allows him to jump towards his enemy and then throw him or her back to where Zoltan was standing before he made the jump. Might not sound like much, but trust the dwarf--Worth It is, well, true to its name.


Succubus, a beautiful and dangerous creature, who seduces handsome young men in order to feed on their vital energy, Saskia, a dragon in a human form, who prefers to fight in as a human in the arena, unleashing her primal might only in special circumstances, and Letho, a witcher, also known as the Assassin of Kings, who specializes in taking out mages quickly and efficiently are the heroes featured in this week’s Free Hero Rotation!
Our biggest content patch yet - “Friends and Foes” - is live right NOW. We’ve worked hard on some of the most requested features and here they are! 
If you didn’t try them yet, now’s the best chance to do so!
Hi everyone!

A big part of the changes Friends and Foes introduces is the friends and stats systems. Both features have been heavily requested by the community and we’re super happy to introduce them with this update. First off, the friend system.

This week's FREE HERO ROTATION features Philippa, Zoltan and Saskia!

March / 20 / 2015
Hi Guys!

First of all, we want to thank you for being with us! The Witcher Battle Arena has been downloaded more than 1 million times so far -- we got massive feedback from you, which will immensely help us in adding new stuff to the game further down the road. Thank you! You rock!
This week's FREE HERO ROTATION features Iorveth, Golem and Geralt!
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