What's New – 1.1.0

Greetings, witchers!

We're happy to introduce the 1.1.0 update:

- We’re introducing PAD, which divides the game into modules delivered in three ways: during installation, after installation, and on-demand. While in the store, you will download the base module. Please, be aware that extra data will need to be downloaded after downloading the game — connecting to a Wi-Fi network is recommended;

– We're introducing a new monster distribution system. Every two weeks, a new monster will join the game;

– We've added new weather system information where you can now see when the time of day will change by tapping the weather icon;

– We've redesigned the What's New system so that all the latest news can be found directly in the game;

– We've added timed tasks. Each week you will be faced with new challenges;

– We've added the "Daily Hunt" where you can kill monsters and collect five stamps to claim a Summoning Scroll. You can earn one stamp per day;

– We've updated Daily Contracts. You will now receive three contracts instead of one per day;

– We've added "Fresh Herbs" to Thorstein's offer. It gives you a bundle of fresh herbs;

– We've added a "Lesser Summoning Scroll" to Thorstein's offer. It spawns three random common monsters around your character;

– We've fixed the bug in the Sword in the Stone quest where the quest failed to trigger the "Return to the sword at dawn" phase.

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