Highlights from the Path: Handmade


Welcome to the second week of Highlights from the Path, where we celebrate the anniversaries of The Witcher 2 and The Witcher 3, but also our community’s creations! This time we wanted to focus on your handmade works:

1. Kaer Morhen Forge (Poland)

Swords worthy of a witcher! Both silver and steel. 

2. 大锤炼兵厂 (China)

Remember that throne from Blood and Wine’s cover? Someone decided to recreate it!

3. Witcher Kitchen (Poland)

You probably wondered what witchers eat to maintain their strength and reflexes. Witcher Kitchen answers these questions and shares step-by-step recipes for dishes inspired by The Witcher universe! 

4. Dr. Zarkow (Germany)

‘Cause who doesn’t love Lego?!

5. The Burning Easel Art (Poland)

Artworks treated with Igni — they’re created with pyrography technique, which is burning the design onto the wood. Wow!

6. Basil The Scribe (Poland)

A map of the Northern Kingdoms might be useful on the Path. 

7. Vengerberg Glamarye (USA)

Glamarye is a magical substance used by sorceresses to emphasize their beauty. And now, you can wear it too! Lilac and gooseberries for Yennefer, cinnamon and muskroot for Philippa, cedar and elderflower for Ciri, and more...

8. Epic Workshop (Croatia)

Ever wanted to have your own dice poker board? See how it’s done! 

9. Falauke (Poland)

No need to be afraid of the Leshen. Well, at least not these ones.

10. Dasha Golova (Russia)

The perfect notebook to keep potion recipes, notes from the Path and a personal bestiary!

That’s hardly all of them, you keep surprising us with your skills and creativity! If you’d like to share your creations with us, be it mod, cosplay, fanart, video or anything else connected to The Witcher games, send it to us via email: fanart@cdprojektred.com, and we might feature it on our social media channels!

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