Saskia - hero presentation


They don’t call her Dragon Warrior for nothing! Saskia is a powerful melee fighter who can stun her opponents with a powerful shield bash, but she is also very able in the use of dragon flame magical attacks. Thanks to her unusual origin, she feels best when engulfed in fire. Her passive skill, Hidden Dragon, allows her to regenerate thrice as fast as usual when standing in flames. She is also pretty resistant which makes her a natural tank - a fighter who keeps enemies busy and can withstand a lot of damage.

Shieldstrike - Saskia’s main skill is a short charge which culminates with a shield bash, which stuns the enemy for a short while. The charge leaves a flaming trail that activates Saskia’s passive skill and deals damage over time to everyone standing in it. Shieldstrike is an awesome ability to initiate fights, but it can also be used to escape from a tight situation.

By Sword and Fire is a skillshot ability (i.e. one that has to be carefully aimed). Saskia prepares for a short while and then smashes the ground to create a wave of flame, that travels ahead dealing damage to everything on the way. The skill also leaves a flaming path on the ground, dealing damage over time.

Dragon Soul - Saskia’s special skill is a powerful area attack. The heroine explodes with fire, creating eight waves of flame that radially erupt from where she’s standing. The waves work like By Sword and Fire and activate Saskia’s passive ability, and deal damage both on impact and over time.

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